Friday, 17 October, National Museum at 8 pm
Author of the programme: Mirjana Drobac
Free admission



“No other nation on this colourful Earth has spoken with song in the same way as Serbian people. The Serbs have put in song the days of their glory and majesty, as well as the days of their slavery and hopes. Singing, they elevated their great people into immortality and cursed the traitors for good. The song was used to make jokes and threats; the song was there to talk about joys and grief. Flat plains and high mountains are filled with its sound.“ Janko Veselinović
The concert of traditional music entitled “The Folk Gathering in Five Scenes” presents an opportunity to show on stage the folk music heritage of the Central Balkan zone (Raška, Pešter and Sjenica, Kosovo and Metohija, Skopska Crna Gora, Vranjska Pčinja and the surroundings of Vranje, Niš, Leskovačka Morava, Resava, Kopaonik, East Serbia, the surrounding of Zaječar and Negotinska Krajina, the surrounding of Pirot, Vlasina and Crna Trava), Dinara zone (Bajina Bašta, Užice, East Herzegovina, parts of Montenegro, West Bosnia, Sarajevsko polje, parts of Dalmatia, Lika, Kordun, Banija) and Panonian zone (Beogradsko Podunavlje and Posavina, Mačva, Jadar, Šumadija, the surrounding of Valjevo, Požarevačka Morava, Srem, Banat, Bačka, East and West Slavonija, Baranja).
Keeping in mind the territorial width and comprehensiveness of the zones, the concert encompasses carefully selected, characteristic examples from the territories where Serbs live and where the music tradition is preserved in its original form – and they are presented in five scenes. Each scene consists of the representative songs, instrumental numbers and dances, with a particular emphasis placed on traditional costumes and accompanied by a scientific narrative prepared in an unpretentious and interesting way.
The Central Balkan region is presented in two scenes.
Scene 1: Cultural Artistic Society “Kopaonik” from Leposavić, Mihailo Nedić – kaval, Jadranka Jagličić from Kraljevo and duet Jovanka and Ljubodrag Mijajlović from Brvenica near Raška.
Scene 2: Cultural artistic society “Stanko Paunović” NIS Rafinerija nafte Pančevo from Pančevo, Svetlana Stević from Milatovac near Žagubica and Borisav Miljković, gajde player from Kraljevo.
Scene 3 showcases the representatives of the Dinara region: duet Malina and Slavko Karača from Priboj, klaneta ensemble Šalipur from Pribojska Goleša, male singing group “Srpski božur” from Ribaševina and Cultural artistic society “Stanko Paunović” NIS Rafinerija nafte Pančevo from Pančevo.
Panonian region is also represented with two scenes.
Scene 4: Dobrivoje Todorović – duduk from Vlaška near Mladenovac, female singing group “Crnućanke” from Gornji Milanovac Cultural artistic society “Stanko Paunović” NIS Rafinerija nafte Pančevo from Pančevo.
Scene 5: Maksim Mudrinić, gajde player from Sivce and Tambura orchestra and dance ensemble of the Cultural artistic society “Stanko Paunović” NIS Rafinerija nafte Pančevo from Pančevo.

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