Meeting With the Media in Madlenianum on the Occasion of Tonight's Concert

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Today's meeting with the media in Madlenianum on the occasion of tonight's concert in the same hall was attended by: cellist Ksenija Janković, violinist Candida Thompson, conductor Dejan Savić and Jelena Janković-Beguš, member of the BEMUS Board and music editor of the programme. The conference was hosted by Andreja Rackov, General Manager and Director of the Madlenianum Opera and Theatre.
Ksenija Janković, mentioning that she was friends with Dejan Savić since childhood, said that she had just arrived from the tour, and that she would get a real impression of Belgrade in the evening, meeting the audience, which she was certainly looking forward to. She expressed the view that in these strange times we lived in, when everything had somehow ‘stopped’, people were even more dedicated to music – both artists and listeners who now understood even more clearly that playing music and listening to music was immense wealth and privilege that should not be taken lightly.
Candida Thompson said that she had not been in Belgrade for a very long time, that she kept beautiful memories from the International Music Youth Competition and that she felt very nice to be our guest again.
Dejan Savić praised Andrej Rackov as someone who had a knack for preparing such an event, as well as Ksenija Janković's patriotism and responsibility towards music and her work, and assured those present that tonight they would be convinced that this was a good decision. He emphasized that there were not many symphony concerts in Madlenianum, especially not with artists such as Ksenija Janković and Candida Thompson. He announced the performance of an opera overture and ballet suite in the first part of the concert, and then the performance of Brahms' masterpiece, which many music professionals had considered his 5th symphony.
‘BEMUS is so important to all of us, especially since our parents were among its initiators in the generation of great music and cultural workers who left behind very important things, and one of them is BEMUS, which thanks to the performers reminds us of its most glorious days.’



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