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On Sunday, November 8, at the Kolarac Endowment, the concert will be held by the Teofilović Brothers. This vocal duo presents the traditional musical and poetic heritage with an authentic, and a cappella duet, which is their trademark that rightly classifies them as a unique musical phenomenon in the Balkans.
After eight years spent in the choir, the Teofilović Brothers began a more serious professional career in the 1990s, when they recorded many songs for the Radio Television of Serbia. Since then, they have gained popularity by performing at concerts, recording notable albums and experimenting in collaboration with other musicians. They have established the most fruitful cooperation with the famous guitarist from Los Angeles, Miroslav Tadić, with whom they cover folk songs from the area of Serbia and Kosovo, Bosnia, Dalmatia and Macedonia.


Teofilović Brothers have held a large number of concerts in almost all major cities in Europe, in Japan, America, and the programme of the concert at this year's 52nd BEMUS is Serbian traditional music.


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