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The Belgrade Festivals Centre – CEBEF is one of the participants in the #synergy project, which was supported in the amount of € 410,930 in the EU competition for cooperation projects in the Western Balkans (within the Creative Europe programme). The #synergy project brings together some of the largest art music festivals in the region, led by the KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days, as the initiator and coordinator of the project. In addition to the Belgrade Summer Festival – BELEF and the Belgrade Music Festival – BEMUS, whose executive producer is CEBEF, the project partners also include the Ljubljana Festival, the Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Vox Baroque from Tirana and the Frederic Chopin Association from Pristina.
Out of over 300 submitted projects, only 13 were selected, with #synergy being the only supported project dedicated to contemporary art music and performance. The editors of the art music programme at CEBEF, Jelena Janković-Beguš, MA, and Milica Kadić, participated in the preparation of the application.
The name of the project #synergy is a language game, since in English the sign ‘#’ (ie, the symbol that raises the pitch of a note in musical terminology) is called ‘sharp’, which indicates the need to ‘sharpen’ the existing skills and practices in the field of music festival production in the Western Balkans region, so that they can continue to expand their social mission even after the COVID-19 virus pandemic. At the same time, there is the need for synergy, ie. the joint action of the promoters of art music in this area, still burdened by severe political disagreements. Music, as a ‘universal language’, has the power to transcend borders and to promote the values of tolerance and cooperation in joint creation, which makes it exceptionally significant today.
The goals of this project are: training and connecting professionals in the field of art music festival production, encouraging the creation of new works of art music, as well as connecting and cooperation of young musicians, composers and organizations dealing with art music in the Western Balkans.
During the three years of the project, six seminars for cultural professionals are planned to be organized, 12 residencies for 12 composers, which will create 12 new works inspired by the cultural heritage of the region, as well as the whole of Europe. More than 50 young musicians-performers and cultural managers will take part in the project. The grand finale of the project is a festival tour, which will present composers, new compositions and young musicians at festivals – participants in the project, throughout the Western Balkans.


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