Wednesday, 11 October
Kolarac Hall at 8 PM
Spiritual and secular music
Ticket prices: 1000, 1300, 1500

hor glinkaThe history of the State Academic Glinka Choir goes back to more than 500 years. Founded in 1479 by Czar Ivan III as The Choir of Czar's Singing Clerks, up to the beginning of the 18th century it stayed in Moscow. During the years of Peter the Great the singers were never too far from the czar who was nothing lath to join them himself. In 1703 the Choir was renamed then as Court Choir, took part in the solemnities held for the foundation of St. Petersburg. After the capital of the Russian Empire had been moved to the banks of Neva River all the subsequent history of the Choir has been tied with the Northem Venice, as St. Petersburg is often called. Here it remained ever since.
Outstanding musicians had been working to perfect the professional mastership of the Main Choir of Russia. The list is opened by famous Venetian master Baldassare Galuppi, succeeded by Giovanni Paisiello, then followed by a series of distinguished Russian artists: Dmitry Bortnyansky, Alexei Lvov, Mikhail Glinka, Miliy Balakirev, Nikolai Rimsky - Korsakov, and others. Every one of them made his contribution to make the Choir one of the best in Europe.
The renaissance of the choir is attributed to Vladislav Chernushenko who came to lead it in 1974. This great conductor, awarded the honored title Peoples artist of Russia, was born in 1936 and received initial musical education at the Choir school of the State Cappella. The outstanding choral conductor Pallady Bogdanov was among his teachers. Famous conductors, such as Ilya Musin, Evgeny Mravinsky, and Nikolay Rabinovich were his educators at the Leningrad Conservatory.
Creative interests of Chernushenko include a variety of masterpieces of Russian and European classical music, as well as the works of Soviet and contemporary Russian composers. Chernushenko goes oftentimes back to forgotten or less known pieces of Russian music, revives them from oblivion, thus enriching the repertoire with many beautiful examples of musical art performed at various times during the glorious, more than 500 - year long, history of the Choir.


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