Monday, 17 October, Yugoslav Drama Theatre, 20.00
"Today, I'm happy to be together!"
Circus sketches, small pearls and (un)controlled skids for 11 mentally handicapped artists and 7 artist-accomplices on the track.
With Complicitiés, the Viewer is invited to go beyond the borders of the standard (ab)normality, to cross from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from reality to a dream... This is a creation for dreamers, tender crazy Don Quixotes of tracks ready to do anything to reach the inaccessible star.
This is a circus show talking about in the (in)difference, living together and solidarity, beauty and communication, hidden and revealed talents, efforts and dreams, infinity of space and ideas... it speaks the language of circus, theater, music, play (in any sense).... One of the creators, Jean - Luc Piraux comments: The handicapped people are muses of our day-dreamed circus... They speak about the everyday life in a simple way but about the transcendental level as well. This is a precious gift and that is why they are able to create a true poetry...
Ticket price: 300 din.

On-stage staff
Sarah Cusse Fifi on a shoestring
Edouardo Della Faille Ed & his veiled flights
Leslie Demurger Partner / "[S]-TOp on Stage"
Thomas Desbaix The man the more ...
Damjan Diklić 'The' Magician
Miraël Finkel Partner / Air circassian
Philippe Gaillez Dandy Two Ping
Colin Jolet Partner / Punchy Yamakasi
Lionel Leblanc Dandy One, RnB king
Alessandro Maïda Partner / Bowl circassian
Michel Malchair Grandpa #2, Royal Prince
Kirill Patou Free-wheeling Yamaka-Rap
Jean-Luc Piraux Partner / Papy Ma-Muse
Maxime Pythoud Partner / Cyr wheel circassian
Axel Stainier Grandpa #1, One-man band
Claudia Van Brusselen The Acrobat & her BBB
Max Vandervorst Partner / Pataphonic musician
Virginie Vandezande Doesn't look like...

Out-stage staff
Staging & coordination Catherine Magis
Musical score Max Vandervorst
Lighting creation Marc Defrise
Technical direction Fred Vannes
Scene management Françoise Cornet, Grégory Badot & Marie-Laure Juhasz
Artistic advisers Didier De Neck, Jean-Michel Frère & Jean-Luc Piraux
Coaches Micheline Vandepoel, Benji, Jordi L Vidal, Maria-Clara Villa-Lobos, Leticia Vetrano, Miguel Cordoba, Twiggy, Françoise Cornet, Sophie Leso, Colm O'Grady
Props Thyl Beniest, Sébastien Boucherit & Marco Nicolo
Costumes Véronique Chapelle & Co, Julie Beca
Sets Willy De Smedt, Richard Moszkowicz

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